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Why IntelliMet/Metals U.S.?


  • Less Expensive

  • Faster

  • Smaller Footprint

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Simply put, Smarter.

The Spiderweb technology fundamentally improves the process efficiency and economics of metal extraction. The solid phase extraction (SPE) columns that IntelliMet has developed have superior metal adsorption characteristics that enable efficient recovery of metal ions from solutions:


  • Rapid metal adsorption and equilibration kinetics that bind metal ions with residence in a few seconds.

  • High binding constants for desired metals and low binding constants for other interfering metals.

  • Strong metal binding even in the presence of competing ions.

  • Capturing targeted metal with one pass through a single small column (i.e, >>90% recovery), and rapid metal adsorption kinetics eliminates the need for lead/lag columns in series. 

  • Separation of desired metals by sequential removal from the support in a concentrated form, using a process we call “selective elution.” This provides purified separate gold and silver concentrates, which can proceed directly to metal concentrates which can proceed directly to precipitation and commercial sale, without further metallurgical manipulation.

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