Solution/Reagent Recycling


Recycling is becoming an increasingly important part of any mining or water processing method. The reasons for this are two-fold. First, permitting, regulatory, and public perception requirements make it strongly preferable to minimize process waste outputs. Secondly, operational costs can often be dramatically reduced if much or all of costly reagents are recycled. This may enable use of more effective process reagents that would be cost prohibitive without recycling offsets, and therefore enable better overall operational results. IntelliMet provides industry leading reagent recycling capability and expertise for the development of 21st century mining processes. SPE processes can be developed which separate complex solutions into their individual components so that they can be reused in the next cycle of operation. In addition to SPE technology, we use other leading technologies such as diffusion dialysis and electrodialysis, as well as more conventional techniques, to provide economical processes that incorporate the best recycling methods. IntelliMet works towards an objective of minimal process waste output and Total Metal Recovery, i.e.. converting as much of the metal content to salable products as possible. IntelliMet can develop these techniques in concert with a large hydrometallurgy strategy.