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Our Company Timeline, Projects, and Upcoming Events


  • ​2015 IntelliMet continues its development work on advancing SPE technology and works with Metals US on a number of exciting contracts 

  • 2014 IntelliMet enters into a licensing agreement with Metals U.S. IntelliMet provides research, development and small scale testing of SPE technology, and Metals US directs scale-up and commercialization

  • 2013 IntelliMet attends Technology Metals Summit April 2013

  • 2012 IntelliMet accepts a number of earth element separation projects using its SPE

  • 2012 IntelliMet reports results proving ability to purify the full suite of Rare Earth elements at Niagara Falls Conferenc

  • 2010 IntelliMet completes EPA SBIR project to test CO2 recovery with SPE columns

  • 2009 IntelliMet begins work on first rare earth element project

  • 2009 IntelliMet initiates first funded contract to remove thallium water effluents at a decommissioned gold mine in Montana

  • 2009 IntelliMet, LLC is founded to further develop Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) technology and is located in Missoula, MT

  • 2008 Stock market crash depresses the resource space and ChelaTech is unable to continue operations

  • 2006 ChelaTech initiates work on uranium recovery with four different uranium mining companies

  • 2005 ChelaTech completes demonstration of gold recovery system at (Plum Mine in NV), and observers declare that “this technology will transform the mining industry”

  • 2004 ChelaTech begins metallurgy work on Gold Canyon gallium project

  • 2003 ChelaTech receives SBIR grant from US Army for rapid immunoassay of typhus disease

  • 2001 ChelaTech receives Phase II NIH funding to develop high throughput screening supports for proteins

  • 1999 ChelaTech launched in Alameda, CA, with an EPA SBIR grant to remove toxic metals from water

  • 1997 ChromatoChem completes DOE study at Berkeley Pitt, and is recognized as most promising technology for remediating the superfund site

  • 1989 ChromatoChem closes major supply agreement for protein chromatography columns with NGK (Japan)

  • 1987 ChromatoChem sells first protein affinity chromatography column to Genentech

  • 1987 ChromatoChem moves to Missoula, MT and closes initial financing with the Montana Science and Technology Alliance

  • 1987 ChromatoChem started in garage in Pasadena, CA with SBIR grant from National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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