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​Other Services​​​​​​​​


IntelliMet works with our customers to provide complete hydrometallurgical process plans. Modern mining standards demand keen attention to material efficiency and proper environmental practices to ensure that mines can be permitted and operated cost effectively with minimal environmental impact. The Intellimet team has worked with companies in the Rare Earth, Base, and Precious metal markets to develop hydromet plans from leach to waste disposal, and including but not exclusive to Solid Phase Extraction.

Our experience has shown that there are a certain number of “accepted” processes in mining. These processes have been tested and employed many times and have a proven track record. However, in many cases they are neither the cheapest, simplest, nor cleanest options. For the sake of near-term development and low upfront development costs, these are the solutions that are almost always employed. IntelliMet has a proven track record in the Rare Earth sector of developing new leach procedures for a number of the top companies.


We will work with your company to provide full solutions to minimize reagent input and consumption. Our facilities are equipped to perform diffusion dialysis, electrodialysis, leach, precipitation, solid-liquid separations, drying procedures, and many other processes.  If you are interested in collaborating on a project, please contact us.

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