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Mission Statement

IntelliMet is committed to developing highly advanced and environmentally sustainable  element separation technologies for the 21st century.

​Core Values​

IntelliMet operates under a core set of values that drive our desire to build the most innovative and environmentally responsible technologies for the solid phase extraction and mining industries. 

  • Environmental Sustainability: All of IntelliMet's technologies and processes are designed to revolutionize traditional mining and recycling practices in ways that protect local and global ecosystems for future generations.

  • Innovation in Mining: It's time for a transformation in mining technology. We are radically rethinking what can be mined for important earth elements: from virgin ore, to discarded mine tailings, to recycled products. The future of mining is low-impact, highly efficient, and sustainable.

  • Commitment to Community: We believe that the best ideas are born at home, and that our local and national communities deserve authentic partners in economic development and responsible growth.

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