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Element Separation Services

“This breakthrough was pioneered by Dr. Richard Hammond, ... and it is difficult to understate its significance. The inventor of a technology which has many wide-ranging implications to the mining sector in particular is advising one of the most strategic natural resource assets in the entire United States.”

-Chris Berry, One Question To Ask A Rare Earth Exploration Company....One Company With The Answer

IntelliMet’s Solid Phase Extraction systems can recover primary metals, separate metal mixtures, recover secondary metal values in a stream, or remove process nuisance or environmentally toxic ions. IntelliMet can also develop other processes, such as leach and reagent recycling, to support SPE processes and greener, more efficient mining.


IntelliMet can work with any metal or ion that is soluble in water. IntelliMet does this with laser speed and precision. IntelliMet is particularly interested in addressing metallurgy problems that are tough to solve with conventional technology. We can provide services for every stage of development, from developing novel leach protocols, bench scale optimization, and onsite demonstrations.


We work with our partner company, Metals US, to provide pilot processing, and delivery and support of full scale operating unit (see We currently have several projects underway to develop mining solutions for different classes of metals.


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