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Advanced Water Solutions

Toxic substances and metals in water, even in small quantities, can impair human health. The movement to purify our water requires technologies that remove micro concentrations of metals from water. The laws of chemical equilibria require that huge amounts of processing chemicals be used to drive the concentrations of metals to lower levels. In some cases the large quantities of processing chemicals become their own environmental problem. Currently, cutting a metal contaminant in half in a given volume of water often means a 4-fold cost liability.

Solid Phase Extraction technology literally inverts the paradigm, since our costs are proportional to the mass of metal extracted from water. Low level pollutants have low masses of metal. The reason that SPE technology works is that we incorporate high concentrations of powerful metal-binding reagents in small SPE columns that require less than a second of contact time. The rapid kinetics enable small units compared to large chemical precipitation circuits or large IEX columns.

The combination of characteristics means that the removal of low levels of toxic pollutants (metals) is low cost with SPE.

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