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Revolutionary Technology

IntelliMet is dedicated to researching and developing technologies and processes which revolutionize 21st Century mining. IntelliMet works with our partner company, Metals US, to commercialize IntelliMet processes to provide better solutions for the mining and water processing industries.

Global Services and Solutions

IntelliMet's core technology is the Spiderweb™ - a resin material that has greatly enhanced properties for element recovery compared to conventional resin or carbon columns. The revolution enabled by the Spiderweb™ media has created a paradigm shift in element recovery and hydro-metallurgy technology.


With a global presence, cutting-edge research, and our technical team's years of experience in solid phase extraction, IntelliMet is uniquely positioned to craft innovative solutions in sustainable mining technology and rare earth extraction and recycling. The processing engineering team at Metals US is ready to scale-up and install state of the art units for metal processing at sites worldwide. What can IntelliMet and Metals US do for you?

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